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Why Are Helmets So Essential for Outdoor Recreation?

For people enjoying bike rides, skateboarding, and other outdoor activities that could lead to injury, a helmet could be life-saving. When you or your children get active outside, make wearing a helmet a must and avoid a trip to the ER. Here are some of the reasons why helmets are so important and how you can make sure yours gives you the best protection possible.

Avoid Serious Injury

Head injuries that occur during outdoor sports can be devastating. Such injuries can lead to lifelong disability, paralysis, and even death. In the U.S., half a million children sustain head injuries while biking, many of which may have been avoidable with a helmet. Any kind of fall that involves a head injury always has the potential to be serious and should always be evaluated in the ER promptly. In some cases, early treatment could prevent a brain injury from worsening, which is critical for avoiding or reducing long-term complications. Simply wearing a helmet can protect against a vast number of these injuries.

Follow the Law

Helmets are so important for outdoor safety that wearing them is the law in many places. Before you engage in your favorite outdoor activity, find out what the rules are in your area. Some states require bike helmets, for instance, while others have more extensive helmet laws.

Choosing the Right Helmet

Getting the right helmet fit ensures that you get the maximum amount of protection. Always choose a helmet that has been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or Snell Memorial Foundation. The chinstrap should be snug, and the helmet shouldn’t shift in any direction. Consider choosing a helmet in a bright color to make yourself more visible, and use a helmet that was designed for the specific activity you will be doing.

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Getting to Know Your ER: What Is Triage?

Your hospital’s emergency department exists to provide immediate treatment for serious injuries and illnesses that cannot wait for care. However, because there is a range of conditions that prompt patients to visit the ER, emergency room physicians use a triage system to quickly differentiate between severe conditions that can wait for care and life-threatening situations that must be treated immediately to prevent loss of limb or life. Triage is designed to not only identify patients that require immediate lifesaving care, but also to improve the care process for all patients, regardless of their needs, for faster service and well-matched healthcare in an emergency setting.

The Triage Process

The triage process begins as soon as you walk into your hospital’s emergency department. Arriving patients are evaluated based on their symptoms; patients that arrive by ambulance are evaluated by emergency care personnel during transport and this information is transmitted prior to arrival. These symptoms are used to rank patients in terms of their immediacy so that patients with the most urgent symptoms are addressed first. Once a patient has been stabilized, emergency room staff will move on to the next patient in need, assigning a more targeted healthcare team to follow up on patient needs if necessary.

The Benefits of Triage

Triage offers many benefits, the most significant of which is improved speed and quality of patient care for all individuals who visit the emergency room, regardless of the immediacy of their needs. This system has been shown to offer benefits particularly in busy emergency centers, allowing all patients to be matched with the care they need quickly, even when lower-risk patients must wait slightly longer to receive care.

At Riverside Community Hospital, our goal is to provide prompt and complete emergency care to each patient that enters our hospital ER. In addition to our emergency services, we also offer heart care, robotic surgery, and organ transplant in Riverside; you can find out more about our hospital’s services or what to expect when you visit the ER on our website or by calling (951) 788-3463.

Essential Tips for Summertime Grilling Safety

Summertime is the perfect time to spend the long, warm days outside with family and friends. Grilling is one of America’s most popular summer pastimes, providing the opportunity to bring people together to enjoy a social atmosphere and a delicious meal. However, grilling is also associated with several common injuries that could result in an emergency room or hospital visit; keep reading for a few essential tips you can use to improve safety when enjoying a grilled meal in Riverside this summer.

Always Grill Outdoors

While summer weather is typically warm and sunny, rain and wind can make enjoying your outdoor plans more difficult. However, activities such as grilling should always be performed outdoors, as using either a charcoal or a propane grill in an enclosed space can pose serious health hazards such as burns and carbon monoxide poisoning. Never grill anywhere but outside your home, and keep your grill away from overhangs, eaves, and other hazards. Additionally, never leave your grill unattended, even for a few moments.

Maintain Your Grill

Poorly-maintained grills can pose serious injury risks due to damage or wear that has not been addressed. One of the best ways to prevent grill-related injuries is to keep your grill clean and maintained. Cleaning your grill after every use will not only improve the taste of your food, it will also prevent burns and other injuries associated with the ignition of residual grease and fat as well. Always check over your grill before each use—if any portion of the grill appears damaged, don’t use it until repairs have been made.

Taking a few simple steps can improve your safety this summer and throughout the year to reduce the need for emergency care visits. You can find out more about the emergency and general care services available at Riverside Community Hospital when you click through our website to check out our emergency department, women’s and children’s services, bariatric weight loss services, and trauma services. If you’d like additional details or have questions about your health, our Consult-A-Nurse hotline can help at (951) 788-3463.

Identifying the Most Significant Health Concerns for Men

This year, June 13-19 will be celebrated as National Men’s Health week. Since 1994, the week before Father’s Day is a time during which hospitals and healthcare centers work to promote public awareness about the most urgent health concerns faced by men of all ages, as well as to educate individuals on the prevention, management, and treatment of these important health issues. At Riverside Community Hospital, our goal is to provide the families in our community with the resources, information and care needed to achieve better health for a lifetime.

Heart Disease

Heart disease remains the number one cause of death among American men. The most common form of heart disease is coronary artery disease, which causes the buildup of plaque inside the blood vessels responsible for supplying blood to the heart and significantly raises your risk of a heart attack. There are several preventive and management-based treatment options for heart disease, including medication, dietary modifications, regular physical activity, and managing blood pressure and weight.


Cancer is another widespread and significant health concern faced by American men today. The most common type of cancer is skin cancer, but other forms of cancer that often affect men include lung cancer, colorectal cancer, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer. Discussing your personal cancer risk factors with your physician and taking steps such as wearing sunscreen, quitting smoking, and scheduling regular screening diagnostics can help to reduce your risk for cancer or catch cancer early for improved treatment options.

You can take steps to keep yourself or the important men in your life healthy with the help of the team at Riverside Community Hospital. Our heart hospital serving Riverside offers high-quality health screening, prevention, diagnostic, and treatment services, including cancer care, heart care, robotic surgery, bariatric weight loss, and orthopedics. We invite you to find out more about your health and the treatment options available to you on our website or call (951) 788-3463 for answers to your healthcare questions.

Key Facts to Know About Migraines

Migraines are a type of headache that can range from severely painful to completely debilitating. While the true underlying causes of migraines are not known, these headaches are often prompted by certain triggers, which may come from inside or outside the body. This June is National Migraine Awareness Month—at Riverside Community Hospital, we invite you to celebrate this event with us by learning more about migraines, their causes, and their treatment options.

Common Migraine Triggers

Migraines can have many causes, some of which are genetic or environmental, while others are personal or lifestyle-related. This condition can be passed genetically from parent to child, and women are more likely to experience migraines than men. Migraines have been linked to hormonal fluctuations in the body, as well as sensory stimuli, stress levels, and even certain foods, drinks, and food additives. Other common migraine triggers can include changes in sleep patterns, some medications, and large-scale changes in the weather, such fluctuations in barometric pressure.

Common Migraine Treatments

Unfortunately, there is no cure for migraines at the present date; however, patients suffering from migraines can benefit greatly from ongoing monitoring and care to determine their personal triggers and reduce the impact of migraines when they do occur. Prophylactic treatments are used to reduce the incidence of migraines as a preventive measure, and may include medication, physical therapy, and even behavioral therapy or modifications. Abortive treatments are used to treat migraines when they do occur, and typically involve rest, isolation, and medication to reduce pain and improve other symptoms. Discussing your personal history and health with your physician is the first step on the road to preventing and treating migraines more effectively to reduce their impact on your life.

Riverside Community Hospital is proud to offer healthcare services to our community, including neurology, heart care, bariatric weight loss, OBGYN care, and more. Our hospital is dedicated to providing cutting-edge care, including digital mammography and robotic surgery in Riverside. Please visit our website for more information about us, or call our Consult-A-Nurse hotline at (951) 788-3463.

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