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Medical Research

Are you interested in your weight loss surgery options? What are some of the most commonly used radiology and medical imaging technologies? If you’re looking for more information on heart health, bariatric weight loss surgery, radiology and imaging techniques, or organ transplantation, then check out some of these great resources.

  • Learn more about obesity statistics with this link from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Find out more information regarding bariatric weight loss surgery methods with this article from
  • Is your weight putting you at risk for certain health risks Find out with this overview from
  • Check out this link from for more information on the GE Innova 3100.
  • This link from provides an overview on the anatomy and function of the human heart.
  • Are you at risk for heart disease? Visit this link to assess your risk.
  • Why are mammograms so important? Find out with this link from
  • This link from discusses the main reasons to undergo a diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound.
  • Visit this link for more information on kidney transplants.
  • How is a pancreas transplant performed? Check out this overview for more information on the reasons for and procedural steps for pancreas transplantations.

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