The Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Surgery Patient

During  robot-assisted surgery, the surgeon guides small, robotic arms through several tiny ‘keyhole’ incisions with the use of a state-of-the-art monitor system. The procedures that typically take advantage of robotic surgical systems are those that require the great precision and accuracy made available by this technology, such as cardiac, laparoscopic, thoracic, and urologic procedures. The smaller incisions and wider range of movement provided by these robots has many operative and post-operative benefits, including:

  • Reduced scarring and reduced pain
    Robotic arms do not require large incisions to have full range of motion or access to the tissue in question. With the help of cameras and three-dimensional imaging technology, the robotic arms can perform surgery with unbelievable accuracy through incisions only a few centimeters in length. This significantly  reduces the scarring and pain associated with traditional open surgery.
  • Reduced recovery times
    Robotic surgical systems have the ability to filter out a surgeon’s hand tremor and translate larger hand movements into much smaller ones. The degree of surgical precision made available by robotic surgery significantly reduces tissue damage associated with any given procedure. Recovery takes much less time and a patient can get back to their normal activities much sooner. 
  • Reduced risk of infection and reduced blood loss
    The smaller incisions also benefit the patient by preventing their tissue from being as exposed to the open air, dramatically decreasing the possibility of infection. The reduced incision size and tissue damage also reduces the amount of blood lost during the procedure.

Many types of surgery that were once performed through large, open incisions can now be done with the assistance of robotics as minimally-invasive procedures. Riverside Community Hospital of Riverside, CA is staffed with many surgeons that specialize in minimally invasive procedures to give our patients as many alternative options as possible. Contact us at (951) 788-3000 to learn more about our doctors and surgical services.

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