Benefits of Robot-Assisted Surgical Techniques

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As technology advances, medical procedures become increasingly more precise and easier on patients. One such example is surgery, which has become far less invasive with the advent of robotic assisted surgeries. Riverside Community Hospital offers robot-aided urologic, thoracic, and cardiac procedures for the following reasons:

  • Increased Precision
    Although minimally-invasive surgical techniques have become common over the past few years, their scope and accuracy are generally limited by the surgeon’s range of motion and the instruments used to maneuver within small incisions. However, robotic surgery techniques allow doctors far better control over their tools, as the computer can translate larger motions into extremely fine movements. The instruments also have the ability to move in more directions than a human hand could, allowing difficult tasks to be accomplished more quickly.
  • Smaller Incisions
    While open surgery involves long incisions and often requires the displacement of muscle and even bone, robot-assisted surgery uses small “keyhole” incisions through which the instruments are inserted. This results in a reduced risk of infection as well as less overall blood loss, which facilitates healing. Smaller incisions also minimize the amount of scarring that occurs, which is important to many patients for both cosmetic and privacy reasons.
  • Faster Recovery
    Because robot-assisted surgery is minimally invasive, there is less damage done to healthy tissues, which means less healing time is required. In general, patients are encouraged to resume light physical activity, such as walking, within a few days, and full recovery may be expected within several weeks.

For help determining whether you are a candidate for robot-aided surgery, call Riverside Community Hospital’s Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (951) 788-3000 and arrange to meet with a surgical specialist. Whether you require heart surgery or bariatric weight loss, robotic surgery may help you enjoy a faster recovery and a better overall outcome.

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