How Riverside Can Help You Prepare for Childbirth

Newborn in blue

Pregnancy is an exciting and hectic time for many future parents. Between visits to the OB/GYN, new lifestyle changes, and the preparation required for the baby’s arrival, it can be easy to overlook the process involved in labor and delivery! Fortunately, Riverside Community Hospital offers a number of courses to help educate expectant parents on the birthing procedure:

Childbirth Preparation Weekend Express

If this is your first pregnancy, you may benefit from our free childbirth preparation classes, which take place over the course of one weekend every month. During these sessions, you can learn breathing exercises, concentration techniques, and natural muscle relaxation methods to help you have a smoother and less stressful labor and delivery.

Maternity Tea and Tour

Every other Wednesday, Riverside Community Hospital holds a free Maternity Tea and Tour event, where expectant parents can visit our maternity ward and learn about our birthing policies. We offer dinner and dessert as well as a raffle, so you can relax and enjoy meeting other future parents. Afterwards, you are invited to attend our free breastfeeding class, in which you can learn about the importance of breastfeeding and practice various nursing holds.

Childbirth Prep Refresher Class

Mothers who have previously delivered children may feel confident about the birthing process, but they often find it helpful to brush up on techniques for having an easier labor. Come to the Sunday portion of our free weekend childbirth classes for a review of the methods that helped you through previous deliveries.

At Riverside Community Hospital, our focus is on keeping new families happy and healthy—which is why our BIRTHplace offers personalized care as well as cutting-edge equipment. Call us at (951) 788-3000 to learn more about our facilities or to schedule an OB/GYN appointment.

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