• Nutrition and Disease Prevention

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    Learning more about how nutrition and disease prevention can help you stay looking and feeling great. If you have any further questions about the topics discussed in our recent blogs, contact Riverside Community Hospital today at (951) 788-3000.The following links contain more information about lowering your risk factors for heart disease, eating well, losing weight, and more.

  • How to Have a Healthier Holiday with Your Family This Year

    If you are worried about holiday weight gain this year, you may want to rethink the way you spend time with your family so that you can get through the holidays feeling healthy and fit. The holidays do not need to be all about eating and drinking, especially if you employ the strategies for creating smarter holidays listed below.

    Lighten up holiday cooking

    Holiday meals can be much better for you if you eliminate high-calorie ingredients from traditional dishes. For example, you can make healthier mashed potatoes by replacing butter and cream with low-fat buttermilk for a significant calorie cut. Simple changes like this will help you indulge without the guilt.


    Get more active

    Have an active holiday season by exploring events in the community such as fun runs and 5K races that will get the whole family up and moving. During holiday events, start early so you can play a game of football or take a trip to the park for a little extra exercise before your big meals.

    Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

    The occasional holiday spirit will not do much harm to your health, but you will want to avoid over-indulging, especially if you are driving. You should steer clear of smoking at all during holiday parties and other events where you might feel tempted, as smoking is linked to many short- and long-term health complications.

    Get a flu shot

    The holidays happen to overlap with flu season, so the whole family can benefit from getting flu shots before the festivities get into full swing. You might also consider scheduling annual check-ups around this time of year so that you can get even more guidance on maintaining good health for the season.

    Riverside Community Hospital can help you take charge of your health this season with complete healthcare services and informative classes to give you a deeper look at your health. Contact us on the Web, call (951) 788-3000, or download our iTriage Symptom Checker App to make us a part of your healthy lifestyle.

  • Plan Healthier Meals to Manage Your Diabetes Through the Holidays

    If you have diabetes, the holidays can be a difficult time to stay healthy. However, there are some simple strategies you can follow at holiday meals so that you are able to manage your blood sugar.

    Watch this video to get a look at how to design your plate for better nutrition at every meal. The plate is half filled with fresh vegetables that will offer valuable nutrients and filling fiber.

    For more practical tips to prevent complications with your diabetes, visit Riverside Community Hospital. Learn more about our Diabetes Education Program by calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (951) 788-3000 or visiting our website.

  • Ways to Cope with Stress During the Hectic Holiday Season

    Stress is an emotional and physical reaction of the body, and it is a normal part of the human experience that everyone deals with. However, stress can take a toll on your health when you do not step in with stress management techniques to establish a calmer state of mind. The holidays can be a particularly stressful time of year, so now is the time to learn what works to reduce your stress as it occurs. Here are some tried and true healthy techniques that you might consider trying.

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    The physical and emotional feelings associated with stress are triggered by the release of a hormone called cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone. Exercise balances the reactions elicited by cortisol by reducing the brain’s receptiveness to it in the long term. In the short term, exercise can make you feel better because it causes the body to release hormones that improve your mood and promote relaxation.

    Positive self-talk

    It is easy to let stress take over when you do not pause and take a moment to think about why you are having a reaction to a stressful situation. When you do feel the tension of stress building, take a moment to yourself so you can breathe deeply and collect your thoughts. You can further the calming effect of your break from a situation by speaking some positive words to yourself to change your mindset.


    Built-up stress can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, so you may focus more attention on getting rested at night to prepare to take on each new day. Simple changes to your evening routine such as a hot bath, reading a book, or lighting scented candles can make you feel much more relaxed so that you are able to sleep without the pressing burden of stress keeping you up at night.

    At Riverside Community Hospital, we can help you find even more strategies to eliminate stress from your holidays with classes including our Healing with Hope Grief Survival Series. Learn more about our classes and events on our website or by calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (951) 788-3000.

  • More Info On Healthier Holidays

    If you are looking for helpful tips to make your holidays better for your health, browse the links below. For classes and awareness events to give you even more thoughts on healthy living, contact Riverside Community Hospital online or at (951) 788-3000.

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  • Planning Your Delivery When You Are Expecting

    If you are in your second or third trimester of pregnancy, you are probably waiting in anticipation for your due date to arrive. To better prepare for this day, you should make a plan for your delivery that you share with your obstetrician so that you can welcome your baby to the world in a way that suits your family. Below is a look at some of the key planning points you might consider.

    Pregnant belly

    Birthing techniques

    Taking a childbirth class is a great way to learn about the various labor techniques to facilitate vaginal birth. Everyone is unique, so there is no single standard technique that works for all mothers. Therefore, it is worth the time to explore your options and choose one that is comfortable for you.

    Pain relief options

    It is no secret that childbirth is painful, but this pain is handled differently by all women. You should discuss all your options for pain relief during labor with your doctor so you are able to decide between natural pain relief techniques, medication, or a combination of the two.

    First moments with your baby

    There are some standard procedures that your birthing center will follow post-delivery, but the order of these events and the specific details may be left to you. For example, you may have the choice of trying to feed your baby immediately after birth or waiting until your baby has spent some time in the nursery. Knowing your preference for the post-birth procedures will be beneficial on the day of your delivery when you may be feeling too tired to think clearly about your decisions.

    In the city of Riverside, Riverside Community Hospital is the preferred choice for expectant mothers, as we deliver about 87% of newborns in the community. See why our Family Birthplace is the popular choice of Riverside by visiting our website or calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (951) 788-3000.

  • Why It’s Important to Understand Your Healthy Weight

    Obesity is an epidemic in the United States that has been shown to increase risk for heart disease, stroke, and type-II diabetes. As this video demonstrates, obesity is not a problem that develops overnight. People tend to put on weight gradually, so they don’t notice the stress that excess weight puts on the body. When volunteers walk around the park with 10-20 pound weights on, they see that a little weight makes a big difference.

    To get a better look at your heart health and start managing your weight, visit Riverside Community Hospital. Find us online or call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (951) 788-3000 to learn about upcoming classes and events to guide you to better health.