How to Have a Healthier Holiday with Your Family This Year

If you are worried about holiday weight gain this year, you may want to rethink the way you spend time with your family so that you can get through the holidays feeling healthy and fit. The holidays do not need to be all about eating and drinking, especially if you employ the strategies for creating smarter holidays listed below.

Lighten up holiday cooking

Holiday meals can be much better for you if you eliminate high-calorie ingredients from traditional dishes. For example, you can make healthier mashed potatoes by replacing butter and cream with low-fat buttermilk for a significant calorie cut. Simple changes like this will help you indulge without the guilt.


Get more active

Have an active holiday season by exploring events in the community such as fun runs and 5K races that will get the whole family up and moving. During holiday events, start early so you can play a game of football or take a trip to the park for a little extra exercise before your big meals.

Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

The occasional holiday spirit will not do much harm to your health, but you will want to avoid over-indulging, especially if you are driving. You should steer clear of smoking at all during holiday parties and other events where you might feel tempted, as smoking is linked to many short- and long-term health complications.

Get a flu shot

The holidays happen to overlap with flu season, so the whole family can benefit from getting flu shots before the festivities get into full swing. You might also consider scheduling annual check-ups around this time of year so that you can get even more guidance on maintaining good health for the season.

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