Can You Recognize the Signs of a Stroke?

When a person is having a stroke, every second that passes before emergency care is received makes a difference in the outcome of treatment. When immediate medical attention is given, the chances for recovery from stroke are rather high. However, as moments pass, the likelihood of disability and death increase. In order to ensure that you or someone close to you gets the rapid care needed to make a complete recovery after a stroke, you should learn to identify these characteristic signs.

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Body Language

If you suspect that a person is having a stroke, it is likely that he or she may have trouble controlling the movement of his or her extremities. Have the person lift both arms and look to see if one begins to drift downward. This along with trouble maintaining balance, feelings of dizziness, and evidence of clumsiness are all typical of a stroke.

Facial Expressions

You may notice that one side of the person’s face is drooping, and this will be most evident when the person is smiling. Generally, the drooping is isolated to only one side of the face and body because the stroke only affects part of the brain. If you are having a stroke, you might find it difficult to move your face and notice changes in your vision.

Ability to Communicate

A stroke can impact speech in two ways. First, a person may not understand what they are being told, so they might respond with nonsensical or unrelated statements. Second, language production could be affected. This would show through slurred speech and the inability to repeat a simple sentence back to someone.

When any of these signs appear in yourself or someone around you, call 9-1-1 right away so you can get to the Emergency Room at Riverside Community Hospital. We provide stroke care based on national guidelines set by the American Stroke Association, so you can feel confident that you and your loved ones will get the best immediate stroke care available. Learn more about our Acute Stroke Protocol by visiting our website or calling us at (951) 788-3000.

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