Make a Resolution to Take Control of Your Diabetes This Year with Riverside Community Hospital!

Living with diabetes can make staying healthy more of a challenge, but it is possible to be well and avoid common health risks when you get informed about diabetes. Riverside Community Hospital offers a comprehensive Diabetes Education program that can help you learn about managing your condition and get a healthier start for the New Year. Here is a look at some of the subjects you might cover in your visits to your Certified Diabetes Educator.

Glucose level blood test

Blood sugar testing

You should test your blood sugar regularly to check for spikes or falls that could lead to problems later on. Our staff will guide you through the testing process and introduce you to the latest available technologies appropriate for your age and condition. This way you can self-manage at home and be less likely to need hospitalization for diabetes-related issues.

Diabetes-friendly eating

Proper nutrition is key in diabetes management, and it is important to understand the foods you should eat everyday as well as those best consumed strictly in moderation. Along with learning what to eat, you might learn some techniques for monitoring portion control and reading food labels to avoid accidentally consuming too much salt or sugar.

Potential complications to avoid

Along with daily habits to manage your blood sugar, you may need to make some changes to your routine to care for your eyes, skin, heart, and teeth. These areas are all subject to problems related to diabetes, so you will want to learn how to protect them for a lifetime of good health.

If you have diabetes or you are at risk for type-II diabetes, explore more about the Diabetes Education offered at Riverside Community Hospital by visiting our website or calling us at (951) 788-3000. For general health information to make your daily routine even better for your body, sign up for our H2U Program, which includes exclusive classes and publications on healthy living.diabewt

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