Information to Keep on Hand in the Event of a Medical Emergency

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When you’re in the emergency room, seconds count. That’s why Riverside Community Hospital urges patients to keep an I.C.E. card with them at all times. I.C.E., which stands for “ in case of emergency,” allows the triage staff to better assess a person’s condition and advise appropriate care. Riverside area residents may request an I.C.E. card from Riverside Community Hospital. You also create your own with the following data:

Contact Information
First, your I.C.E. card should have all pertinent contact information, including your name, date of birth, address, and telephone number. To ensure that your healthcare providers may reach your immediate family to inform them of your condition, you should also include an emergency contact name and telephone number.

Medical Information
Providing all necessary medical information is vital to the usefulness of an I.C.E. card. Individuals with existing conditions such as diabetes or heart disease should consider including that data on their cards; people with allergies, especially to penicillin or anesthesia, may also want to put this information on their I.C.E. cards. The sooner the emergency room staff knows of your medical conditions and allergies, the greater chance you have of receiving care that accurately addresses your individual needs.

Insurance Information
The emergency room staff’s first priority is to give you the best care possible. However, to facilitate your treatment, you may also want to provide your insurance information on your I.C.E. card. By including your insurance provider contact information, you can focus solely on your health needs without having to worry about tracking down your insurance company or policy number.

Riverside Community Hospital aims to give each emergency room patient the highest level of care possible. To request an I.C.E. card, call (951) 788-3000 or visit our website. If you require emergency care, be sure to use our iTriage symptom checker, which informs our staff of your specific medical needs and imminent arrival.

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