What Are the Most Common Causes for ER Visits in the Summer?

Child Swimming

Your children are out of school for summer. While summer break can mean ample opportunities for fun and relaxation as a family, it can also lead to summertime injuries. The emergency care center at Riverside Community Hospital typically witnesses a spike in the following medical cases once summer hits Southern California. To prevent a painful and potentially fatal incident, be sure to take the precautions mentioned below.

As the days get hotter, the pool becomes more popular. Now is the time to make sure that your child is properly protected from the possibility of drowning. If you have not already done so, consider installing a fence around your pool with a gate and lock to prevent young children from entering the pool unattended. You might also want to mount a motion sensor at your backdoor so you know when you children exit the house. CPR training can also prove critical in the event of a drowning.

Head Trauma
Children needn’t fall far to suffer a head injury or concussion. Unintentional falls from bikes, playground equipment, or even trees can result in a substantial injury. To prevent a potentially grave accident, make sure your children wear helmets at all times. Also, provide adult supervision whenever your children climb playground equipment of any kind. If a child has suffered a concussion or laceration from a fall, call 911 or seek emergency care as soon as possible.

Sports-Related Injuries
Summertime is prime time for playing sports of all kinds. Children and adults alike flock to basketball courts, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds when the weather warms up. Unfortunately, these activities present the opportunity for a range of injuries, including sprains, strains, and fractures. Supplying your children with appropriate protective gear can help reduce their chance of injury.

Riverside Community Hospital offers prompt emergency care for patients of all ages at our ER center. Call (951) 788-3000 or visit our website to learn more about the services offered at our Riverside facility. Patients can also access our current ER wait times on our website.

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