What Is the Importance of Mammograms for Women?

Nurse With Patient having a Mammogram

A mammogram is a noninvasive diagnostic tool that can help healthcare providers identify breast abnormalities that may indicate breast cancer. The use of mammograms is widely recommended for women aged 40 and older. If a patient has a family history of the disease or other evident risk factors, it may prove beneficial to begin annual mammogram screenings at an earlier age. The following information highlights why this simple test is an essential part of the fight against breast cancer. Riverside Community Hospital encourages all female patients who are at least age 40 to schedule a mammogram at our facility.

Early Detection
Monthly breast self-examinations can help women become more familiar with their breast tissue and aware of when their breasts experience change. Though beneficial, a self-examination may not detect the presence of abnormal cells that develop in deep layers of breast tissue too far beneath the skin to be felt. A mammogram, which provides an internal image of the breast, can pick up the deeper growths. Should a physician identify any irregularities, he can schedule a biopsy to determine if the growth is indeed cancer.

Ongoing Care and Assessment
If a woman has already successfully beaten breast cancer, regular mammograms can be imperative for monitoring her health and evaluating new growths that may develop. While many women may not experience breast cancer for a second time, undergoing periodic mammograms can help ensure that their breasts remain free of disease.

Fewer Breast Cancer Fatalities
Since mammograms were introduced several decades ago, the rate of breast cancer deaths has fallen. By employing methods for the early detection, treatment, and ongoing supervision of breast cancer, physicians can provide patients with the best means possible for a healthy, vibrant, and cancer-free future.

For more information on mammograms at Riverside Community Hospital, call (951) 788-3000. Patients who require immediate care can also take advantage of our iTriage Symptom Checker when they come to our Riverside emergency center.

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