What Are the Most Common Summer Sports Injuries Among Kids?

Young Tennis Player

For many families, the warm and sunny weather of summer means more time spent outdoors enjoying football, soccer, swimming, and other fun sports activities. While these activities are great ways to enjoy the weather and get exercise, they can also create opportunities for serious injury. Below are some of the most common sports injuries suffered by children during the summer months and how your local community hospital can help.

Traumatic Injuries
Almost any sport can lead to traumatic injuries. Sports like basketball and tennis can often lead to potentially serious eye injuries, including a detached retina or scratched cornea. Concussions, spinal cord injuries, fractured bones, sprains, and strains are also injuries that can potentially affect children who play summer sports. Although not all accidents are avoidable, taking the appropriate preventive measures can help keep kids safer while they play. Make sure kids are always wearing protective eyewear, mouth guards, and other recommended equipment and supervise physical activity.

Overuse Injuries
Not all summer sports injuries involve trauma. Overuse injuries occur when certain movements are repeated too often, putting harmful stress on the musculoskeletal system. Little league elbow, for example, can result from repetitive throwing movements and cause pain in the elbow. Too much running on hard surfaces can lead to shin splints. Any overuse injury can be aggravated by excessive physical activity, using improper technique, or forgetting to warm up adequately before training. Help your children avoid overuse injuries by limiting the duration and intensity of daily exercise and encouraging warm-up and cool-down activities.

If your child suffers an injury while playing sports this summer, trust the physicians and staff of Riverside Community Hospital to provide the expert, compassionate care your child needs to heal. Our nurses are always available to answer any health-related questions that you may have— contact us today at (951) 788-3000 for more information about health, wellness, and injury prevention.

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