Looking for a Heart Healthy Snack? Reach for Roasted Nuts

Eating a healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to prevent heart disease, and a recent study shows that people who eat nuts regularly are 20 percent less likely to die from heart disease. Read on to learn how a few servings of nuts can provide a much-needed boost in nutrients.

A daily serving of one to one and a half ounces of nuts can provide plenty of unsaturated fats to help your body lower its LDL cholesterol. Any type of nut can be healthy as long as it’s raw or roasted, but be aware that serving sizes vary depending on the size of the nut; an ounce of pistachios is about 48 kernels, an ounce of almonds is 22 kernels, and an ounce of walnuts is 14 halves.

Nuts snack food mixed in wooden dish

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