• Managing Your Daily Routine After a Stroke

    After a stroke, it’s normal to need to make some adjustments to your daily routine as you recover. Although what recovery looks like varies from survivor to survivor, problems with motor skills are common. This video looks at just one useful tool that can help you adapt.

    Gripping a can opener can turn into a vexing task after a stroke. Using a motorized opener is a simple way you can adjust to changes after a stroke while maintaining your independence. Many such tools exist that can be useful to stroke survivors. Your rehabilitation team can help you find ones that are right for you.

    You’re not alone after a stroke. Riverside Community Hospital is here to help. We have a certified Primary Stroke Center and offer the support you need as you recover. Call (951) 788-3000 to get more information about stroke care, our heart hospital, and more.

  • What Can Men Do to Stay on Top of Their Health?

    Man Doing Exercises for Abdominal

    Any time is a good time for men to spend some time focusing on what they can do to improve their overall well-being. At Riverside Community Hospital, our full-service medical facility has all of the tools you need to learn about living healthier, and we can address any existing problems you have. Consider these simple steps you can implement to stay healthy:

    Have a Check-Up

    When was your last check-up? By having regular preventative care visits, you can keep a wide range of men’s health issues at bay and give your physician a chance to catch any health issue that is brewing in its early stages, when it is likely to be easiest to treat. A check-up is also the perfect excuse to have a talk with your doctor about things that are concerning you about your health and to get tips for everything from eating healthier to stopping smoking. If you’re in need of a new doctor, Riverside Community Hospital can help you find one.

    Schedule Health Screenings

    Along with regular check-ups, screening tests play an important role in managing your health. Get checked for prostate cancer, or schedule a colon cancer screening. Both of these cancers have high survival rates when caught early. The right schedule for screenings for you depends on a number of factors, including your health history. Talk to your doctor about what types of screenings you should be having and how often you should be having them.

    Adopt a Healthy Habit

    Make a lifestyle change that has an impact on your health. Maybe you’ve been thinking about adding exercise to your schedule or getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Commit to sticking to your new habit throughout June and see how much better you can feel.

    Your good health starts with the physicians at Riverside Community Hospital. We offer comprehensive healthcare to the Riverside community in the form of bariatric weight loss surgery, heart hospital services, and much more. Get answers to your questions about our healthcare services by calling our Consult-A-Nurse line at (951) 788-3000.

  • What You Need to Know to Get Through Your First Pregnancy

    Doctor with pregnant woman

    Finding out that you’re pregnant for the first time is one of life’s most special moments. Then, the questions set in. What should you expect throughout your pregnancy, and what will it really be like to carry a baby for nine months? At Riverside Community Hospital, we have all of the support services you need throughout your pregnancy and your delivery. In fact, our OBGYNs deliver more than 87 percent of the babies in the city of Riverside. As you adjust to being pregnant, here are a few things you should know.

    There’s No Such Thing as Normal

    Every woman’s pregnancy experience is unique. Some women deal with intense morning sickness, while others never even feel queasy. For others, symptoms like headaches and bloating are a problem. While you should always report symptoms that make you uneasy to your doctor, do not worry if your pregnancy isn’t exactly like your friend’s pregnancy. Women experience pregnancy in so many different ways, even from child to child, that gauging what counts as typical is impossible.

    You Need Regular Doctor Visits

    You may feel like you’re constantly running to check-ups when you’re pregnant, but that’s a good thing. At each appointment, your OBGYN will check your weight, blood pressure, and baby’s heartbeat. She will also screen your urine for proteins and sugars. With these regular checks, your OBGYN can catch any complications that may arise early, so treatment can begin as soon as possible.

    Help Is Available for Your Symptoms

    Your body undergoes massive changes when you’re pregnant, thanks to hormonal shifts. It’s unlikely you won’t notice them, but you don’t have to suffer through symptoms that make you truly miserable. Discuss your morning sickness, swelling, acne, or other issues with your OBGYN. You may be surprised by how many options you have to treat your symptoms in ways that are completely safe for your baby.

    If you’re pregnant, schedule an appointment with a Riverside Community Hospital OBGYN. Our doctors can give you care throughout your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. You can learn more about all of our hospital services, from our birth center to our heart hospital, by calling (951) 788-3000.