• What Nutrition Labels Are Trying to Tell You

    When you eat packaged foods, looking at the nutrition label is important for managing your health and avoiding unhealthy options. Unfortunately, these labels can be deceptive if you are not paying attention to the serving size and number of servings in a package. This video offers some tips on reading nutrition labels so that you can make the best choices as you eat grab-and-go foods throughout the day.

    If you have questions about designing the right diet for your health, Riverside Community Hospital’s Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line can offer quick answers at (951) 788-3000. You might also explore our H2U program so that you are able to make healthier decisions more often.

  • What Will Be the Biggest Health Concerns in the U.S. in 2030?

    Life expectancy has been on the rise over the past several generations, but the road to longevity does have some hurdles with preventable, chronic conditions that could get worse without widespread lifestyle changes. This video from the CDC explains that cancer is poised to surpass heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States. While this is promising for the preventive measures that have been taken in managing heart disease, it shows that there is an aging population suffering from fatal cancers. Suicide among the elderly will become a bigger concern as well with the prevalence of depression and dementia among these populations.

    To learn how you can prevent some of the chronic conditions discussed in this video, work with Riverside Community Hospital for your ongoing preventive care. You can contact us on our website or by calling (951) 788-3000. 

  • What Are the Most Unsafe Toys for Children?

    Sweet little girls opening Christmas presents

    In the holiday season, parents should be aware of the dangers of toys that may be given to children as gifts. Even toys that are made for kids can end up being unsafe or recalled due to injuries they cause. Therefore, you will want to know the characteristics of unsafe toys before any injuries can occur.

    Any toy with small, removable parts may be problematic because of choking hazards. Remember that young kids will want to put nearly any toy in their mouths as they play, so toys with sharp edges or potentially hazardous paints should be avoided. Other toys to watch out for are those with long strings or cords, toys that make loud noises, and toys with projectiles like darts.

    For more help keeping your child safe this holiday season, connect with Riverside Community Hospital online or at (951) 788-3000. We will be on your side with reliable health advice and emergency care with some of the lowest wait times in the region. 

  • Answers to Your Questions about CyberKnife Treatment


    CyberKnife treatment is a radiosurgery system that allows for non-invasive treatment of tumors in the body, head, and spine. In some cases, the CyberKnife system can provide treatment where surgery and other radiological procedures may not be possible.

    With the CyberKnife, patients are often surprised that treatment has little or no downtime and an immediate return to daily activities. No anesthesia is needed for treatment, which has no incisions. The frequency of treatments and number of treatment sessions will vary, but in every case treatment will produce gradual results as targeted tumors shrink or stop growing.

    Riverside Community Hospital is proud to offer CyberKnife treatment in the Inland Empire Region through our Cancer Center. We are one of the few hospitals in the state of California to provide this treatment, so connect with us through our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (951) 788-3000 to learn if treatment is right for you. 

  • Getting to Know the Most Common Causes of Joint Pain

    Knee runner injury

    Many adults suffer from joint pain since joints can become worn out over time, leading to inflammation and stiffness. However, joint pain is not always the result of the aging process, and it may affect younger patients as well. There are many ways that the joints may sustain damage that can lead to chronic pain, which may result in joint replacement surgery for some individuals. Here is a closer look at the frequently diagnosed causes of joint pain that may affect you.


    Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis in which the cartilage at the ends of bones breaks down and allows the bones to rub together. This results in significant inflammation and pain with joints that may feel warm to the touch or become very swollen after physical activity. The knees, hips, back, and shoulders are common areas where osteoarthritis develops, because these joints tend to be under the most stress from regular activities.

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    Younger patients may struggle with joint pain as a result of rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder thatc causes the body to attack its own healthy joint tissues. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you may need to work with a specialized orthopedic physician focusing in rheumatology so that you can manage your treatment and stay active to minimize joint pain.

    Sports Injuries

    Athletes are at a high risk for joint pain resulting from both one-time injuries like sprains and repetitive use injuries like bursitis. Any athlete may become injured during play, which may mean sitting out several games to heal properly. Unfortunately, many athletes allow their competitive spirit to get in the way of complete healing and return to practice too soon after an injury, creating long-term problems with joint pain.

    Riverside Community Hospital was recently named an Ortho Center of Excellence, which means that you can rely on us for the highest level of care to address your joint pain through joint replacement surgery and other proven treatment modalities. You can find a physician in our orthopedic unit by calling (951) 788-3000 to reach our physician referral line.

  • Busting Myths and Misconceptions about the Flu Vaccine

    Flu shot

    Every flu season, there are people who hesitate to get the flu shot, because they are wrapped up in the many widespread misconceptions about this helpful vaccine. If you are avoiding the flu shot because of assumptions that you will get the flu from the vaccine or you will be exposed to harmful vaccine ingredients, it is time for you to rethink influenza immunization with the truth behind these common myths.

    Myth: Healthy People Do Not Need the Flu Shot

    You might think that the flu shot is not necessary for you if you rarely get the flu and are otherwise healthy. Unfortunately, this opinion overlooks the benefits of herd immunity, which comes from more widespread immunization to reduce the spread of the virus.

    Myth: People with Severe Allergies Cannot Have the Flu Shot

    Most varieties of the flu shot do contain ingredients like egg and gelatin, but there are options to vaccinate individuals allergic to these ingredients. If you have severe allergies, talk to your doctor to find the right option for you. Rumors about the flu shot containing mercury, formaldehyde, or antifreeze are not at all substantiated.

    Myth: The Flu Shot Gives You the Flu

    The flu shot contains inactivated or severely weakened strains of the flu virus, which cannot actually get you sick. Instead, the body begins producing antibodies that fight the flu so that you are less likely to become ill when in contact with active flu germs.

    Myth: December Is Too Late to Get the Flu Shot

    It can take two weeks for the flu shot to provide effective protection from the flu, so it is best to get the flu shot early in the fall. Still, flu season is most active later in the winter, which means that immunization can be effective in December and January.

    The Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at Riverside Community Hospital can provide you with answers to your questions about the flu shot and offer more prevention tips for flu season. Call us at (951) 788-3000, or visit our website for a look at our hospital services

  • When to Seek Emergency Care for Flu Complications

    Woman Blowing Nose With Tissue At Home

    Most often, the flu is an illness that can be successfully treated with rest at home, but the flu can be a much more dangerous virus when complications arise. For older adults, the flu is a particularly high-risk illness, because it may result in pneumonia or other more serious conditions that require hospitalization. Children are also more likely to need emergency care for the flu, because they do not have the same type of immunity as healthy adults. Below you will see the signs of flu emergencies in all age groups so that you do not hesitate to seek care when it is needed most.

    For Adults

    In adults, flu symptoms might subside before suddenly returning with more severity and a high fever or worsening cough. If this occurs, you will want to take a trip to the emergency room, because there may be a secondary illness present causing the return of symptoms. Any time an adult flu patient has dizziness, confusion, severe vomiting, or difficulty breathing, he or she should have emergency care. Adults with conditions such as asthma, COPD, or other respiratory disorders have the highest risk for flu complications.

    For Children

    Children with flu complications might show symptoms like wheezing or shortness of breath, a fever accompanied by rash, bluish colored skin, or irritability even when being held. Not interacting normally or drinking enough fluids can also indicate a flu emergency.

    For Infants

    Infants may show some of the same signs as children in a flu emergency, but they might have some additional symptoms like fewer wet diapers, inability or refusal to eat, or crying with no tears. When you are dealing with an infant or young child who has the flu, it is best to use the most caution and keep your pediatrician’s number handy so you know where to turn for the right level of care.

    With the emergency room at Riverside Community Hospital, you will never have to wait long to get the immediate, accurate care needed for flu complications that may arise this winter. When you need tips on flu care or the seasonal flu shot, call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (951) 788-3000. 

  • What Type of Diet Should Be Used to Treat Obesity?

    Closeup on doctor giving a choice between apple and donut

    Obesity is one of the leading health concerns for Americans of all ages and there is no single clear-cut solution that will treat the problem. Obesity is a complex issue with a number of contributing causes, so it is not an issue that will be fixed overnight on a personal or widespread level. Still, there are some areas that are known to have an effect on obesity and should be addressed by those who need to lose weight. The right diet may have a profound impact on the fight against obesity, but many people have trouble identifying what the right diet includes. This article offers some perspective on the dietary needs of obese individuals looking to control their weight.

    Eating Habits for Weight Loss

    When you change your eating habits, you will want to have clear weight loss goals in mind. Regardless of how much weight you want to lose, you should aim to shed 1-2 pounds each week, as this is considered a safe rate for long-term weight loss. An ideal goal is to lose 5-10% of your weight over six months, which will be achieved by simply burning more calories than you take in.

    Caloric Intake

    You may need to reduce your daily caloric intake by up to 1,000 calories depending on your current eating habits, activity level, and weight loss goals. 1,000 calories per day is on the low side of how many calories you should consume daily, while 1,600 is on the higher side for a weight loss diet.

    Balanced Food Choices

    Counting calories is only part of the equation for weight loss success. Instead of considering yourself on a diet, you should view your dietary changes as lifestyle habits that will continue after you reach a target weight. This means making food choices that are nutritionally rich but low in calories. You should avoid restricting yourself, but rather open up your choices by remembering to eat a wide variety of healthier foods each day.

    When diet is not enough to promote weight loss that will get your health back on track, weight loss surgery is an effective treatment option that you might consider. At Riverside Community Hospital, you can find surgical weight loss services along with the classes and support groups you need to get educated about these procedures. To begin exploring bariatric surgery under our care, visit our website or call (951) 788-3000.