What You Have to Gain by Donating Blood

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Did you know that January is National Blood Donor Month? It’s the perfect opportunity to check your local hospital and other community locations for upcoming blood drives. Community hospitals across the country urgently need blood to fulfill the needs of trauma victims, cancer patients, and others who require surgical intervention. If you’re already in the habit of giving blood on a regular basis, consider becoming even more involved to help out your community. For example, you might encourage your friends and family members to give blood or you might volunteer at a local blood drive.

Personal Fulfillment

The primary benefit of donating blood is knowing that you’ve helped to save a life. In fact, each blood donation can serve up to three hospital patients. Many people donate blood because of the sense of personal fulfillment they gain from giving back to their community.

Health Checkup

You might be surprised that you can gain real health benefits from donating blood. Each blood donor is given a mini checkup. You’ll have your pulse, body temperature, blood pressure, and hemoglobin levels checked, and you’ll be alerted to any abnormalities. This is one more way you can keep track of your overall health.

Iron Regulation

Many people consume more iron than they need. This can pose a health concern because excessive iron levels can contribute to the formation of free radicals. Free radicals interfere with normal cell function and increase your risk of problems such as cancer and heart disease. When you donate blood, your iron levels drop slightly.

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