Adaptive Rehabilitation for Heart Health

For many people, not having enough time or not finding exercise enjoyable are common reasons for a lack of physical activity. For individuals with disabilities, the reasons are much more complex. Physical activity is important for everyone to promote better heart health, which is why adaptive rehabilitation programs are so important. With adaptive rehabilitation and recreation programs, individuals with disabilities can not only improve their physical health, but also enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Watch this video to learn about an adaptive rowing program established at Jacksonville University. You’ll hear an interview with two of the men who play an integral role in the program and you’ll also hear the inspiring story of Laurie, a woman who is wheelchair-bound, yet found freedom and independence on the water.

At Riverside Community Hospital, our team provides a comprehensive suite of healthcare services to help you live life to the fullest, including bariatric weight loss and heart health services. You can reach a registered nurse at our community hospital in Riverside by calling (951) 788-3000.

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