Learning to Recognize the Signs of Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disease, which is characterized by several primary motor symptoms in addition to secondary motor symptoms and non-motor symptoms, which may appear with less consistency. At first, the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease may be fairly subtle, but they will continue to develop (at varying rates depending on the patient) and pose significant difficulty for patients in their daily activities. Below you will see some of the most distinctive signs of Parkinson’s, which should be addressed by a neurologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Identifying Parkinson’s early on can facilitate more independence and comfort for patients, so you should not hesitate to seek care in the face of these symptoms.

Resting Tremor

About 70% of patients experience a slight tremor in the hand or foot in early stages of Parkinson’s. These tremors occur when muscles are relaxed, which is why they are referred to as a resting tremor. Resting tremors may originate only on one side of the body and spread as the disease progresses.

Slow Movement and Rigidity

In addition to causing involuntary movements, Parkinson’s disease can lead to a reduction in spontaneous movement (bradykinesia) or muscle rigidity. These symptoms may show through a decrease in facial expressivity, difficulty performing fine motor movements like buttoning a shirt, or decreased range of motion in the arms and legs.

Postural Instability

Postural instability is an important sign of Parkinson’s, which occurs when a person may have instability while standing upright. This can create difficulty while walking, rising from a chair, or turning, as postural instability creates a proneness toward swaying backwards in these movements.

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