Stroke Awareness and Treatment [INFOGRAPHIC]

When a stroke occurs, fast action is crucial. The sooner a stroke victim gets emergency care, the more brain tissue can be saved, which means fewer post-stroke complications. If someone you know experiences the telltale sign of a stroke, such as slurred speech, confusion, and weakness on one side of the body, get him or her emergency care right away. Once the symptoms are stabilized, the attention turns to recovery. Initially, patients get in-hospital rehabilitation care, including physical therapy and occupational therapy, to address the impacts of the stroke. After discharge, most stroke patients continue to need outpatient rehab and may also require in-home caregiving support. Find out more about what to do during and after a stroke in this infographic from Riverside Community Hospital. Our Riverside hospital provides emergency care to stroke sufferers, as well as heart care, minimally invasive surgery, and much more


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