Teaching Your Child to Get Enough Exercise and Sleep in the New School Year

Two of the most valuable steps in staying healthy at any age are getting enough sleep and maintaining a physically active routine. As your child goes back to school in the fall, you can promote these positive habits for the whole family by following the simple steps below.

Set a sleep schedule

When kids are in school, they need 9 or more hours of nightly sleep to be well-rested and focused in the morning. While you might not enforce a bed time for older children, you can encourage going to bed at the right time by having quiet hours at home after a certain time. Waking up early on weekends and days off school is also helpful, since it will keep your child’s sleep schedule more consistent.

Create an environment fit for sleep

To be sure that your child can get to sleep when it is time to go to bed, make sure that his or her bedroom is a sleep-friendly environment. Avoid keeping a television or computer in your child’s room, since electronic devices can be a big distraction from restful sleep.

Exercise as a family

Good habits for children start with a positive influence from parents. Therefore, you should get plenty of exercise as you guide your children to do the same. To promote a more active routine for everyone in your family, you might schedule nightly walks, invest in a family gym memberships, or take bike rides through your neighborhood together. With enough exercise, you and your kids will actually get more sleep, which will help you continue to stay active.

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