Can You Have Kids After Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is an option for patients with a wide range of lifestyles, including women who plan on having children down the road. As more people take advantage of bariatric surgery for extreme weight loss, more women are maintaining healthy pregnancies following their surgical weight loss. While it does take some extra care and communication to have a healthy pregnancy after you undergo any type of weight loss surgery, there are actually some distinctive benefits to choosing to wait until after you’ve hit your goal weight to have children. Read on to explore some of the concerns that may arise as you consider your family planning goals in relation to weight loss surgery.

Obesity and prenatal health

There are a number of prenatal complications such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes that are much more likely in overweight and obese moms. By choosing to focus on your weight loss first, you might experience a healthier pregnancy and resolve possible infertility issues that may be associated with obesity.

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery

Typically, women who choose to have children after bariatric surgery will not need many changes in their daily lifestyles, since post-surgical life requires a healthy diet and exercise routine. You may, however, need to adjust your intake of vitamin supplements to be sure that you get the nutritional balance that your growing baby needs. Maintaining a relationship with your bariatric surgeon and communicating openly with your obstetrician about your dietary and weight loss concerns throughout your pregnancy will be integral to establishing the right habits from the first trimester.

Post-pregnancy weight loss

It can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a new mom, especially when you are battling post-partum weight loss. Therefore, you’ll want to build a relationship with your primary physician and keep in touch with your bariatric surgeon to ensure that you maintain your personal weight goals for years to come.

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