How to Get More Vegetables into Your Diet

Eating a wide spectrum of vegetables provides the body with crucial nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Since vegetables are low in calories, including more veggies in your diet and fewer high-calorie foods may help you lose weight. Individuals who are considering becoming bariatric weight loss patients at Riverside Community Hospital will receive extensive patient education and support services, including nutritional guidance.

Selecting Vegetables

Your first step to getting more vegetables in your diet is to visit a supermarket or farmer’s market. Peruse the produce section for vegetables that you already know you enjoy eating and then select a few that you’re less familiar with. One of the tricks to a healthy diet is to select a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods. Try veggies such as leafy green kale, rainbow chard, and baby carrots. Then, head for the frozen food aisle and stock up on frozen veggies. Choose packages that contain only frozen vegetables, sans sauces, such as French cut green beans, broccoli florets, and peas. Frozen vegetables are convenient for busy weeknight meals and they’ll stay well preserved for quite a while.

Preparing Vegetables

If you’re in a rush to get dinner on the table, pour some frozen veggies in a saucepan with a dab of olive oil to make a healthy side. Experiment with various spices and herbs for a boost of flavor. For example, add a few shakes of garlic powder and turmeric to green beans. If you do have time to prepare fresh vegetables, you can experiment with different cooking techniques. Try roasting cauliflower and broccoli with fresh garlic cloves and a little olive oil, or make a salad of kale and spinach.

Planning Meals

There’s no need to limit your vegetable intake to side dishes—or to limit vegetables to your dinner menu. Add some mushrooms and spinach to your morning omelet or try making low-fat muffins with shredded zucchini and carrots. Choose low-sodium vegetable soup or a veggie burger topped with spinach for lunch.

When you’re ready to improve your wellness through bariatric weight loss, you can count on the team at Riverside Community Hospital to provide the support services and information you need. Our hospital proudly serves the Riverside community with exceptional healthcare services such as robotic surgery, heart care, and organ transplant procedures. You can speak with a registered nurse at our hospital by calling (951) 788-3463.

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