Making Important Decisions About Your Bariatric Surgery Procedure

Bariatric weight loss procedures are tools that can help patients with obesity reach a healthy weight. If you’re considering whether bariatric weight loss might be right for you, your first step is to consult a bariatric specialist at Riverside Community Hospital. Your doctor will determine if you’re a good candidate for bariatric surgery. If so, you’ll receive extensive guidance as you work toward making key decisions for your surgery.

Choosing a Surgical Approach

After you’ve decided to move forward with bariatric weight loss, you’ll need to determine which approach is right for you. Your healthcare team will ensure that you’re fully informed of the options available to you, which might include adjustable gastric banding, gastric bypass, or sleeve gastrectomy. Bariatric weight loss surgeries fall into two general categories. Some of them can help you lose weight by interfering with the absorption of calories, while others restrict the amount of food you can eat. Gastric bypass surgery is a combination of these approaches.

Scheduling the Procedure

Before you can schedule the bariatric weight loss procedure, there are some requirements to meet and some factors to consider. You can expect to fulfill some patient education requirements at the hospital, and to have some health exams and tests. You may be asked to lose a certain amount of weight before having the procedure. This can help reduce the risk of complications from the surgery and it can help you adjust to your post-surgery lifestyle. Additionally, you’ll need to check with your insurance carrier; you may need to wait a while for preapproval of coverage. Finally, decide when you’ll be able to take several weeks off of work. The exact amount of time you’ll need to recover depends on the specific bariatric weight loss procedure you have and your general health.

The Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Riverside Community Hospital has been designated as a Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. We invite Riverside residents to attend one of our bariatric weight loss seminars or support groups for further information about these procedures. To request a referral to a specialist in bariatric weight loss, contact our Consult-A-Nurse line at (951) 788-3463.

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