How to Get More Exercise During the Holiday Season

One way to combat holiday weight gain is to increase the duration and intensity of your workouts. Yet, it isn’t always easy to squeeze in extra exercise while trying to juggle seasonal commitments. In addition to your usual workout routine, look for ways of increasing your physical activity as you go about your daily responsibilities. Maintain your motivation by reminding yourself of the many health benefits of exercise, such as its effects on heart health. If you think you might need a doctor’s clearance to begin or change an exercise program, you might consider talking to a provider at Riverside Community Hospital.

Turn Holiday Shopping into a Workout

Many people prefer the convenience of online shopping, particularly during the busy holiday season. However, holiday shopping at brick and mortar stores is a good way to burn some extra calories. Choose a parking space far away from the store. If you’re headed to the mall, consider taking a full lap around the mall before beginning your shopping. Walk briskly to increase your heart rate.

Work Out with Your Loved Ones

If you’ll be visiting family and friends this holiday season, consider recommending healthier alternatives to traditional cookie swaps. Take a walk with your family through neighborhoods with holiday light displays. Host a skating party at an indoor skating rink. Or, challenge your family members to a game of flag football before sitting down to a holiday meal.

Exercise During Holiday Traveling

When visiting distant relatives and friends, it can be particularly difficult to squeeze in your usual workouts. Pack portable, lightweight exercise equipment such as resistance bands and a jump rope. You might also consider looking for a gym in the area; many offer one-day or one-week membership options.

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