Learning to Spot the Symptoms of the Flu

Flu season is here, and that means that it is important to recognize when you or a loved one has come down with the flu so that you can seek proper care. When you see a doctor early on for flu symptoms, he or she may prescribe anti-viral medications that can shorten the life of the illness and reduce the potential for complications. Below, you can get a look at the characteristic symptoms of the flu that will let you distinguish this disease from less severe conditions like the common cold.

Fever and chills

While flu does not always cause fever, fever and chills are much more common with the flu than the common cold. In children, fever caused by the flu should be monitored closely, especially if it is accompanied by a rash, which should because to go to the ER.

Sudden onset of respiratory symptoms

Flu symptoms tend to appear suddenly, so you may feel fine one day and very ill the next. Respiratory symptoms that are common with the flu include coughing and chest pain, and sneezing, stuffy nose, and sore throat may also be present.

Fatigue and body aches

If you are sick with the flu, you may have fatigue and body aches. With a cold, you might be able to attend work or school, but a flu is more likely to keep you off your feet. When you do suspect that you have the flu, you should stay at home and rest, since the illness is highly contagious.


Headaches are rare with the common cold, but they are frequently seen in patients who have the flu.

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