4 Great Reasons to Become a Blood Donor

The most compelling reason to become a blood donor is to save someone’s life. Many people decide to become regular blood donors after they or their loved ones required extensive medical treatments that involved blood transfusions. Other people decide to give blood simply because they feel it’s the right thing to do, regardless of whether they have a personal connection to a patient. The robotic surgery team at Riverside Community Hospital encourages our neighbors throughout Riverside to consider becoming blood donors.

Blood Donations Are Always Needed

One reason to consider becoming a blood donor is that the need for ongoing donations will never cease. Every day, thousands of blood donors give the gift of life. Yet, about 40,000 units of blood are needed every day in the U.S. If you become a regular blood donor, you may be eligible to give blood once every three months if you are a man or once every four months if you are a woman.

Human Blood Is Not Reproducible

Medical science has advanced considerably over the years. Surgeons can replace faulty heart valves with artificial valves and perform organ transplants when a patient’s own organs fail. Yet, there is no artificial substitute for human blood. Human blood cannot be artificially manufactured; it can only come from generous donors like you.

You Can Donate Blood to Yourself

A third reason to become a blood donor is if you are expecting to undergo a scheduled surgery. Several weeks in advance of your procedure, you can begin donating your own blood to be used during the surgery.

Donating Blood Is Safe

A fourth reason why you might become a blood donor is that the process is completely safe. It typically takes less than one hour to complete. Medical technicians only use new, sterile needles for every donor. This means that there is zero risk of contracting an infectious disease.

Riverside Community Hospital is proud to provide a full range of medical services to families throughout the Riverside area, including robotic surgery, organ transplants, bariatric weight loss surgeries, and specialized heart procedures. If you are expecting to undergo robotic surgery or another type of surgery at our community hospital, consider talking to your doctor about donating your own blood for the procedure. You can direct general questions about blood donations to a registered nurse at (951) 788-3463.