Do You Need to Go to the ER for That Rash?

When most people think of going to the ER, they think of conditions like heart attacks and strokes that clearly require immediate treatment. By comparison, a rash may seem minor. However, there are times that a rash is an indication that you should seek emergency care at Riverside Community Hospital. Here are some signs that your rash could signify a medical emergency.

The Rash Is in the Eyes or Mouth

Often, the location of a rash is an indicator of its seriousness. A medical professional in the hospital ER should always evaluate rashes that occur in the eyes or in the mouth. These types of rashes can be indicators of a serious allergic reaction to a medication. They can also be a sign of a serious medical condition, such as pemphigus vulgaris—an autoimmune condition that impacts the skin. Fast treatment can prevent the rash from spreading and alleviate any complications associated with the underlying condition.

The Rash Came On Suddenly

It’s not uncommon for a small rash to develop on a patch of skin that was inadvertently exposed to an allergen. However, if you develop a sudden rash over a large portion of your body, it should be evaluated. These kinds of rashes can indicate an acute medical condition that requires immediate care, such as toxic shock syndrome or toxic epidermal necrolysis. These conditions need urgent treatment to minimize the risk of serious complications.

The Rash Has Blisters

Rashes that develop blisters are often extremely painful. If you have a painful rash that has blisters on a large portion of it, consider going to the hospital ER. Blisters are common with a number of life-threatening skin rashes, so making a diagnosis early is crucial.

The ER at Riverside Community Hospital is open around the clock to deal with both minor emergencies and significant traumas. For heart care, OBGYN care, and more, we have the staff and equipment necessary to provide treatment when it is most crucial. If you have questions about our hospital services, please call (951) 788-3463.

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