A Look at Common Summer Shoe Injuries

Whether you prefer to wear Crocs, strappy sandals, or flip-flops during the summer season, you should be aware of how these warm weather footwear options can affect the health and wellness of your feet. With a lack of arch support and exposure of the toes, summer shoes can be the source of a number of injuries that might land you in the ER this season. Read on to learn about some of the most common summer foot injuries and the ways you might avoid them.

Ankle Sprains

When you walk in flip-flops or other sandals, your feet will have minimal support, and your posture will change due to the fact that your feet must work harder to keep your shoes on. As a result, it might be easy to trip and fall, causing you to twist your ankle and suffer a painful sprain. To steer clear of ankle sprains, remember to wear supportive footwear on uneven terrain or during periods when you plan to walk.

Cuts and Blisters

Exposed skin means a greater risk for cuts and scrapes that can tear up the skin on your feet. Breaking in a new pair of sandals, you might develop painful blisters that could become infected without the right care. Additionally, you may have dry and calloused skin on the soles of the feet if you continuously wear open footwear.

Broken Toes

It does not take much to break your toe when you are wearing shoes that have your toes fully exposed. Simply hitting your foot on a hard surface or dropping an object on your toe could lead to a painful injury that limits your summer fun.


Whenever you have exposed skin outside, you should remember to put on plenty of sunscreen. The tops of the feet are often neglected in sandals, so it is easy to develop a burn on the feet, even when the rest of your body is properly shielded from the summer sun.

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