Identifying the Most Significant Health Concerns for Men

This year, June 13-19 will be celebrated as National Men’s Health week. Since 1994, the week before Father’s Day is a time during which hospitals and healthcare centers work to promote public awareness about the most urgent health concerns faced by men of all ages, as well as to educate individuals on the prevention, management, and treatment of these important health issues. At Riverside Community Hospital, our goal is to provide the families in our community with the resources, information and care needed to achieve better health for a lifetime.

Heart Disease

Heart disease remains the number one cause of death among American men. The most common form of heart disease is coronary artery disease, which causes the buildup of plaque inside the blood vessels responsible for supplying blood to the heart and significantly raises your risk of a heart attack. There are several preventive and management-based treatment options for heart disease, including medication, dietary modifications, regular physical activity, and managing blood pressure and weight.


Cancer is another widespread and significant health concern faced by American men today. The most common type of cancer is skin cancer, but other forms of cancer that often affect men include lung cancer, colorectal cancer, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer. Discussing your personal cancer risk factors with your physician and taking steps such as wearing sunscreen, quitting smoking, and scheduling regular screening diagnostics can help to reduce your risk for cancer or catch cancer early for improved treatment options.

You can take steps to keep yourself or the important men in your life healthy with the help of the team at Riverside Community Hospital. Our heart hospital serving Riverside offers high-quality health screening, prevention, diagnostic, and treatment services, including cancer care, heart care, robotic surgery, bariatric weight loss, and orthopedics. We invite you to find out more about your health and the treatment options available to you on our website or call (951) 788-3463 for answers to your healthcare questions.

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