Key Facts to Know About Migraines

Migraines are a type of headache that can range from severely painful to completely debilitating. While the true underlying causes of migraines are not known, these headaches are often prompted by certain triggers, which may come from inside or outside the body. This June is National Migraine Awareness Month—at Riverside Community Hospital, we invite you to celebrate this event with us by learning more about migraines, their causes, and their treatment options.

Common Migraine Triggers

Migraines can have many causes, some of which are genetic or environmental, while others are personal or lifestyle-related. This condition can be passed genetically from parent to child, and women are more likely to experience migraines than men. Migraines have been linked to hormonal fluctuations in the body, as well as sensory stimuli, stress levels, and even certain foods, drinks, and food additives. Other common migraine triggers can include changes in sleep patterns, some medications, and large-scale changes in the weather, such fluctuations in barometric pressure.

Common Migraine Treatments

Unfortunately, there is no cure for migraines at the present date; however, patients suffering from migraines can benefit greatly from ongoing monitoring and care to determine their personal triggers and reduce the impact of migraines when they do occur. Prophylactic treatments are used to reduce the incidence of migraines as a preventive measure, and may include medication, physical therapy, and even behavioral therapy or modifications. Abortive treatments are used to treat migraines when they do occur, and typically involve rest, isolation, and medication to reduce pain and improve other symptoms. Discussing your personal history and health with your physician is the first step on the road to preventing and treating migraines more effectively to reduce their impact on your life.

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