Why Are Helmets So Essential for Outdoor Recreation?

For people enjoying bike rides, skateboarding, and other outdoor activities that could lead to injury, a helmet could be life-saving. When you or your children get active outside, make wearing a helmet a must and avoid a trip to the ER. Here are some of the reasons why helmets are so important and how you can make sure yours gives you the best protection possible.

Avoid Serious Injury

Head injuries that occur during outdoor sports can be devastating. Such injuries can lead to lifelong disability, paralysis, and even death. In the U.S., half a million children sustain head injuries while biking, many of which may have been avoidable with a helmet. Any kind of fall that involves a head injury always has the potential to be serious and should always be evaluated in the ER promptly. In some cases, early treatment could prevent a brain injury from worsening, which is critical for avoiding or reducing long-term complications. Simply wearing a helmet can protect against a vast number of these injuries.

Follow the Law

Helmets are so important for outdoor safety that wearing them is the law in many places. Before you engage in your favorite outdoor activity, find out what the rules are in your area. Some states require bike helmets, for instance, while others have more extensive helmet laws.

Choosing the Right Helmet

Getting the right helmet fit ensures that you get the maximum amount of protection. Always choose a helmet that has been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or Snell Memorial Foundation. The chinstrap should be snug, and the helmet shouldn’t shift in any direction. Consider choosing a helmet in a bright color to make yourself more visible, and use a helmet that was designed for the specific activity you will be doing.

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