Essential Back to School Safety Tips

Back to school time is approaching quickly and for parents this means it’s time to be on the lookout for a whole new set of safety concerns. While sunburn and insect bites are common risks during summer break, the school year brings concerns about backpack injuries, school bus safety, and sports injuries. Families in the Riverside area can turn to their local hospital for preventive healthcare and emergency care. Riverside Community Hospital is your partner in wellness.


It’s often thought that an orthopedic doctor’s primary patients are older adults, but in fact orthopedic injuries among children are a widespread problem. Heavy backpacks are a common cause of back and shoulder pain among young kids. To protect your child, consider purchasing a slightly smaller backpack to prevent him or her from filling it too full. Kids who must transport heavy loads can use a wheeled pack. When choosing a backpack, look for one with wide, well-padded straps, hip and chest belts, and reflective material to increase your child’s visibility. Avoid messenger-style bags and teach your child to always use both shoulder straps.

School Bus

Some school districts have established very strict policies regarding the way in which children board and leave a school bus. Teach your child to wait off the road until the bus has completely stopped. If your child needs to cross the road, it’s best if the bus driver waves to let your child know when it’s safe to cross. However, kids still need to look both ways before crossing. Kids should also be taught to avoid engaging in disruptive behaviors while on the bus that may distract the driver.


Before joining a school sports team, kids should undergo a sport physical at their community hospital to make sure it’s safe for them to play. It’s also a good idea for parents to become aware of the risks of a particular sport before agreeing to let their child play. All kids should wear appropriate safety gear for their chosen sport.

At Riverside Community Hospital, you’ll find compassionate emergency care services, which includes a Level II Trauma Center. Our community hospital is also a leading provider of orthopedic care, robotic surgery, and Ob/Gyn services. Residents of Riverside can call (951) 788-3463 to speak with a registered nurse at our hospital.

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