How Is Lung Cancer Treated?

Lung cancer is particularly difficult to treat successfully because it is often not detected until the cancer has spread to other areas of the body. This is known as metastasis. The types of treatment a lung cancer patient may receive depend on the stage of the cancer, the general health of the patient, and other factors. At The Cancer Center at Riverside Community Hospital, our multidisciplinary team works closely with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Patients with stage zero and stage one non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) might undergo surgery as their sole treatment. The section of the lung that contains the tumor can be removed. When lung cancer has already metastasized, surgery might be considered in combination with other treatments.

Chemotherapy involves the administration of one or more drugs that are intended to destroy cancer cells. Unlike surgery and radiation therapy, chemotherapy cannot target just one specific area of the body. This means that side effects can occur when the healthy tissues are also damaged. Chemotherapy is given in cycles. Some lung cancer patients may go through more than one cycle of chemotherapy.

Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy may be used prior to surgery to shrink the tumor or after surgery. It may also be used as a form of palliative care, which means that it is not intended to treat the disease, but rather to alleviate the patient’s symptoms. There are different technologies that may be used to deliver radiation therapy. Among the most precise is the CyberKnife Robotic Stereotactic Radiosurgery System. When you watch this featured video, you’ll hear a radiation oncologist explain how CyberKnife can deliver higher doses of radiation that are precisely targeted to the tumor, regardless of whether the tumor moves during the treatment.

Since 2003, residents throughout the Riverside area have turned to The Cancer Center at Riverside Community Hospital for compassionate care and state-of-the-art oncology treatments. We are committed to investing in the latest medical technologies, including CyberKnife radiosurgery, to let our patients receive the treatment they need closer to home. If you would like to request a referral to a specialist at our community hospital, you can contact a registered nurse at (951) 788-3463.

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