How Young Women Can Manage Their Health

Young ladies have unique health needs that require the expert attention of an Ob/Gyn specialist. With the resources and compassionate care available at a community hospital, young women can become proactive patients who embrace preventive wellness. Here at Riverside Community Hospital, our Ob/Gyn providers are committed to offering extensive patient education and support services.

Routine Health Screenings
Young ladies will usually have been to pediatricians for routine checkups and vaccines, but as they enter into adulthood, it’s time to see a gynecologist. Watch this video to hear an Ob/Gyn at Riverside Community Hospital explain that all young ladies should see a gynecologist no later than their 21 st birthday for a pelvic exam and Pap smear. However, women should have an evaluation younger than this if they are sexually active. During a typical exam, the doctor palpates the breasts to check for lumps, performs a pelvic exam, and takes a small sample of cells from the cervix. This sample is tested in a lab to check for changes that may indicate cervical cancer or pre-cancer. Young ladies who feel uncomfortable with the idea of having a Pap smear may choose to request a female gynecologist and/or have a female family member in the exam room with them.

Lifestyle Choices
During your appointment with an Ob/Gyn, you’ll be asked about your sexual activity and lifestyle choices. It can feel awkward sharing personal information, but you can rest assured that your doctor only cares about supporting your wellness and giving you the health information you need. The exam room is always a judgment-free zone. Based on the information you provide, your doctor may recommend a test for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or an evaluation for other reproductive health issues, such as ovarian cysts. Feel free to ask your doctor about any concerns you may have, such as those pertaining to nutrition, weight, emotional health, smoking, and alcohol use.

Abnormal Changes
Your Ob/Gyn will let you know when you should schedule your next routine exam, but you may need to make another appointment sooner than this. Young ladies can manage their health effectively by being aware of any unusual changes with their bodies, such as menstrual abnormalities, or lumps in the breasts or underarms. Early detection allows for early treatment.

At Riverside Community Hospital, you’ll find comprehensive and compassionate care for women at every stage of life. Our Ob/Gyn specialists look forward to working with you to address your health concerns and answer your questions. Young women in the Riverside area can request a referral to an Ob/Gyn at our community hospital by calling (951) 788-3463.

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