Keep Your Eyes Safe from Injury

Keep Your Eyes Safe from Injury

Healthy vision is something that many people take for granted, but thousands of eye injuries occur in the U.S. every year. Most eye injuries occur at work, at home, and while playing sports. You can reduce your risk of winding up in the hospital’s ER by taking a few simple safety precautions. If an accident does occur, you can find the prompt care you need at Riverside Community Hospital.

At Home

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, almost half of all eye injuries occur in or near the home. This may be because only 35% of people surveyed have a habit of always using eye protection when situations call for it. Keep your kids safe by keeping them away from areas where you are operating power tools or lawn equipment, and protect your own eyes by wearing protective goggles. Protective eyewear is a must when doing tasks that produce airborne particulate matter and when working with chemicals.

At Work

Construction sites and woodshops are filled with hazards that can cause eye injuries, but any workplace can be potentially hazardous if it features chemicals or the potential for airborne projectiles. Your employer should provide you with the proper protective eyewear. In some cases, safety glasses are sufficient, while other worksites may call for full face shields. In addition to wearing safety gear, you can protect your eyes by paying close attention to the task at hand, using tools properly, and avoiding the use of power tools when you are fatigued or distracted.

On the Playing Field

Normal eyeglasses do not offer protection against sports-related eye injuries. Choose lensed polycarbonate protectors when playing basketball or racquet sports. Baseball batting helmets should feature polycarbonate face shields. Face shields or protective eyewear should also be worn when playing sports like football, soccer, hockey, and lacrosse.

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