How to follow up on an ER visit

As much as they care about their patients, ER physicians do prefer not see them more than once. Unfortunately, the lack of follow-up care after an ER discharge can sometimes increase the likelihood of a repeat ER visit. To keep your family healthy and out of the ER as much as possible, the team at Riverside Community Hospital provides patient-focused, easy-to-follow discharge instructions that are personalized based on the diagnosis. You can hear more about our discharge protocols when you watch this video, which features one of our caring registered nurses. She explains the importance of following up with your primary care physician.

Read your discharge instructions carefully

Before you leave the Emergency Room, a healthcare provider will explain your discharge instructions to you and provide you with a written copy. If someone accompanied you to the ER, you may wish to have that person join in the conversation to help you keep track of your health at home.

Keep your written instructions and refer to them if you’re unclear about any aspect of your diagnosis and treatment.

Call your primary care physician

In many cases, patients are advised to follow up with their primary care doctors. Since primary care doctors typically have busy schedules, it’s best to call him or her as soon as possible.

During your appointment, discuss your symptoms and diagnosis with the doctor, and explain what you’ve been doing at home to take care of your health. Ask your physician if you need any further tests, exams or treatments, and discuss any issues you might have experienced with prescribed medications. Your doctor may recommend that you follow up with a specialist.

Check for available test results

If your hospital offers an online patient portal, you can use it to keep track of your health information. Your account will include information such as:

  • Your recent and upcoming visits
  • Your diagnoses
  • Your medications and dosages
  • Your test results

Using your patient portal can help you coordinate your follow-up care with your primary doctor.

Riverside Community Hospital is known for providing superior, compassionate emergency care to families throughout Riverside. Our hospital attracts top physicians and specialists because of our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of patient care and safety. Please direct medical emergencies to a 911 dispatcher, or you can call a registered nurse at (951) 788-3463 for general healthcare questions.

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