Can you give blood if you have high blood pressure?

If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community, consider blood donation. By donating blood, you make sure that the hospitals in your area have this vital resource on hand to save lives. Many people want to give blood but hold back because of myths about the process and eligibility. For instance, what is the real story about donating blood with high blood pressure? Here are the facts behind this question and other blood pressure donation myths.

Myth: You can’t donate blood if you have high blood pressure.
High blood pressure does not preclude you from donating blood. If your blood pressure is less than 180 over 100, it’s perfectly safe and acceptable for you to donate. Likewise, being on blood pressure medicine has no bearing on your ability to donate blood. Many people who donate blood regularly are under treatment for high blood pressure.

Myth: Blood donation is painful.
It is natural to be a little nervous about blood donation. After all, no one really likes needle sticks. However, nearly everyone who donates blood agrees that any worrying that they did beforehand was not necessary and that any discomfort they experienced was minimal and over quickly. The good you do by donating blood lasts far longer than the slight, momentary pinch of the needle.

If you have had blood drawn at the doctor’s office, then you know what to expect from donating blood. Blood draw teams at donation sites are experienced and dedicated to your comfort.

Myth: You can’t donate blood if you’re on medications.
There are very few medications that prevent you from donating blood. One of the few medicines that could prevent donations is bovine insulin, a type of insulin derived from cows that is not widely used or available.

Generally speaking, as long as your health condition is under control, taking medication does not interfere with blood donation.

Blood donations play an important role across Riverside Community Hospital, from our ER to our organ transplant service in Riverside. Consider supporting health in our community with blood donations. If you have questions about our hospital services or need a referral to a physician, please call us today at (951) 788-3463.

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