You’ve hit your head; should you go to the ER?

A bump on the head is something that happens to everyone eventually, but how do you know when hitting your head is a minor annoyance and when it is a serious injury that requires emergency care It is a myth that your head injury isn’t serious if you don’t lose consciousness—in fact, some significant injuries can be caused by seemingly minor injuries. When should you go to the hospital after hitting your head? Here are some signs that you could benefit from emergency care.

You’re experiencing memory loss.
Are you struggling to remember how you hit your head? Is your memory of the event fuzzy? If you are experiencing any amount of memory loss surrounding the details of your injury, or even if you simply feel dazed or disoriented, go to the hospital.

Memory loss can indicate a brain injury has occurred. The only way to know for sure is to have a CT scan at a hospital, so doctors can look for any signs of damage to your brain.

You have a headache.
Bumping your head can cause a headache even when a brain injury is not present. The pressure from the hit can trigger pain that lingers. However, if you have a headache, there is no way to know if your headache is simply residual pain from the bump or if it is being caused by an injury to the brain. Going to the hospital is the only way to get an accurate diagnosis.

You’re concerned about an injury.
Often, symptoms of a brain injury are not immediately apparent. They can develop days or even weeks after the injury, during which time the injury has gotten worse. If you are concerned that you have been injured, go to the hospital for an accurate diagnosis.

The emergency room at Riverside Community Hospital is open around the clock to treat all of your urgent medical needs, with comprehensive imaging services on-site for quick diagnostics. To get more information about our hospital in Riverside, call us today at (951) 788-3463.

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