Gain a better understanding of heart disease and cardiac arrest

The heart is the body’s most important muscle, and, unfortunately, it is also among the most vulnerable to disease and physical damage. In fact, heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women in the United States, and, in some cases, the direct cause of death is cardiac arrest. But what exactly is cardiac arrest, and how does it relate to heart disease? Read on for answers to these questions as well as some insight from Riverside Community Hospital interventional cardiologist, Syed Bokhari, MD in the accompanying video.

What is heart disease?
As you’ll hear Dr. Bokhari explain, heart disease is a term that encompasses many different conditions, including diseases of the heart muscle, valves, and arteries. Any type of heart disease is a significant threat to your health, as the risk of heart attack and cardiac arrest will be much higher with a diagnosis of heart disease. However, these risks may be managed with interventional therapies to repair the heart tissue or cardiovascular structures as well as lifestyle changes to better care for the heart through daily activities.

What is cardiac arrest?
Cardiac arrest is often mistaken for a heart attack, but the two are not the same. Where a heart attack occurs because the heart’s supply of oxygenated blood is cut off or significantly restricted, cardiac arrest occurs when the heart’s electrical system shuts down and the heart actually stops beating. Cardiac arrest may be the direct result of a heart attack, or it may occur due to existing electrical malfunctions in the heart, or arrhythmias. Sudden cardiac arrest may also occur due to factors unrelated to heart disease, such as drug use.

The risk of cardiac arrest is certainly scary, but you can gain some peace of mind by taking charge of your heart health with the help of Riverside Community Hospital. Our Heart Care Institute is staffed by skilled, compassionate cardiovascular specialists who perform more than 250 heart surgeries per year and provide rapid interventions for heart attack and cardiac arrest in our state-of-the-art emergency room. To find the right doctor to help care for your heart, call (951) 788-3463 for a cardiologist referral in Riverside.

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