Help your child deal with bullying

Look for the warning signs
Children and teens will often try to hide the fact that they are being bullied at school, but that doesn’t mean it’s an issue that should be avoided. If you notice that your child is more anxious or frequently in a bad mood, has changed their eating habits, or is avoiding school or other activities they typically enjoy, it may be time to sit down with your child and start a conversation about what your child is experiencing.

It is important to address signs of bullying sooner rather than later, because bullying can have serious consequences, such as depression, suicide, and long-term psychological trauma.

Discuss the problem at school
Bullying often happens at school, and, unfortunately, it may go unaddressed until you bring the situation to the attention of the principal or administration. Don’t hesitate to talk to someone at your child’s school and talk about strategies that can be implemented in and out of the classroom to reduce bullying incidents. 

Offer coping strategies
Bullies may not be quick to back down, and it can be tempting to tell your child to stand up to a bully and fight back. However, this will likely only escalate the situation and potentially lead to physical harm. Instead, talk to your child about avoiding situations where an encounter with their bully is likely, using a buddy system at school, or finding ways to ignore the bully or firmly tell them to stop what they’re doing.

Talk to your child’s pediatrician
Physical and emotional injuries can result from bullying, so it may be necessary to consult with your child’s pediatrician to treat these injuries and discuss child therapy options to cope with any emotional trauma.

Riverside Community Hospital cares about the issues facing the residents of Riverside, because our hospital staff is part of that group. If your child is dealing with bullying, reach out to us at (951) 788-3463 to explore available resources with one of our registered nurses. You can also count on us for emergency care 24/7 in our state-of-the-art ER.

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