• Why young women should see the gynecologist

    National Women’s Health Week is May 8 – 14 this year, which is the perfect opportunity to focus on the importance of gynecology visits for preventive care. Young women in particular may overlook the need to see an OBGYN on a regular basis to maintain good health. Here are some of the reasons young people should consider seeing a gynecologist.

    STD education and prevention

    As mentioned in the video, young women should see a gynecologist either by age 21 or when they become sexually active, whichever is first. One of the reasons that seeing a gynecologist after becoming sexually active is important is that the doctor can provide education about STD prevention.

    During an exam, a gynecologist can review the symptoms of STDs with their patients and describe preventive measures that can be taken, such as using condoms. Gynecologists can also provide STD testing and treatment and ensure that young women know which STDs are easily transmitted even when using protection, so that they can take control of their sexual health.

    Pregnancy prevention

    For sexually active young women who don’t wish to become pregnant, gynecologists can help patients select the right form of birth control. They can educate women about their options and help them pick the method that is right for them.

    Gynecologists can also help young women understand the limitations of the birth control options they choose, what to do if a birth control method fails and the importance of using protection against STDs alongside birth control.

    Well-woman exams

    OBGYNs perform well-woman exams and Pap smears to diagnose health problems in their early stages so that they can be treated. During these exams, gynecologists will look for signs of infections, STDs and cancer, which can go undetected in young women because they are slow to seek gynecologic care.

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