• Encourage the men in your life to get screened for testicular cancer

    With the demands of work, family and friends, it’s hard to find the time to visit a doctor for health screenings. But these exams and tests, which are performed in the absence of symptoms, are an essential cornerstone of preventive medicine. If the men in your life haven’t seen their family physicians lately, encourage them to make an appointment during Testicular Cancer Awareness Month this April. A testicular cancer screening probably won’t reveal any abnormalities. But just in case it does, the skillful cancer care specialists at Riverside Community Hospital are here to help.

    Testicular cancer screening guidelines

    Health screening guidelines are established by multiple organizations and they can vary. It’s important to remember that these guidelines may not necessarily be appropriate for every patient. Men should consider asking their primary care physicians if a certain health screening is appropriate for them, based on their personal risk factors of testicular cancer.

    The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force does not currently recommend that men who do not have symptoms undergo routine screenings for testicular cancer. The organization also does not recommend that men perform routine self-exams.

    The American Cancer Society does recommend that men who are at least 20 years old have a testicular cancer screening during their annual health exams. The organization also notes that doctors may recommend routine self-exams for men who are at a high risk of testicular cancer.

    Testicular cancer self-exams

    Self-exams for testicular cancer are intended to alert men to abnormal changes of the testicles, which should be evaluated by a doctor. Men who choose to perform self-exams should do so after bathing because the skin of the scrotum will be more relaxed. Men can check for the following abnormalities:

    • Hard lumps or nodules
    • Changes in size, consistency or shape
    • Swelling or enlargement of one testicle

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