Cancer Care

When it comes to cancer care, a comprehensive, personalized approach is best for creating positive outcomes and maintaining a higher level of comfort throughout the treatment process. The Cancer Center at Riverside Community Hospital puts quality care right in your neighborhood with advanced treatment technologies, comprehensive screening programs, and a diverse team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, and specialists. In our Cancer Center, we treat a wide range of conditions, including bladder cancer, brain tumors, testicular and prostate cancers, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, gynecological cancer, and breast cancer. Keep reading to get a closer look at our treatment approach and systems of support for patients and their families.

Preventive and Diagnostic Care

Through community classes and events, RCH reaches out to Riverside County to raise cancer awareness and improve screening practices. With services such as 3D digital mammography and genetic counseling, we can help you get on the right path to cancer prevention while facilitating early diagnoses for more effective care. We implement the most sophisticated imaging technologies to improve accuracy in every diagnosis.

State-of-the-Art Treatment Modalities

Our Cancer Center remains invested in the latest treatments available across all areas of oncology, creating more opportunities for successful care and survivorship. Every patient will have a unique treatment plan that may incorporate the following modalities under the care of a team of physicians offering their own experience and insight to the treatment process.

  • Medical oncology and hematology – Medical oncology and hematology may utilize targeted therapies, chemotherapy, and drugs currently under the testing of clinical trials. These treatments can be particularly beneficial in later stage cancers that have spread to multiple areas of the body.
  • Radiation therapy – Among our sophisticated radiation therapy treatments is the CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery System, which can provide hope for patients with tumors that are considered inoperable through conventional surgery. CyberKnife treatment is a targeted form of radiation therapy that can be used for tumors in the head and neck, lung, liver, pancreas, and prostate.
  • Surgical oncology – When surgical care is necessary, patients will work with a number of specialists to plan the right procedures for the location and stage of their cancer. With the option of da Vinci Robotically-Assisted Surgery, patients may experience shorter recovery times and minimal side effects with their care.

Cancer Care Support in Riverside County

Along with clinical care, the Cancer Center at RCH provides extensive patient resources from counseling to financial planning to family support. Our team is dedicated to offering compassionate care for every patient with supplemental services like nutritional counseling to ensure the highest level of attention for each diagnosis. To learn more about the cancer care services we have to offer, call our 24/7 Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (951) 788-3463.

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